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Jodi Miller

Jodi Miller

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Jodi Miller is a painter whose work reveals her deep connection to our environment, its stories and the people and places we call home.  Jodi donates 50% of all sales proceeds to local charities.


Jodi’s subjects are often blended creations informed by her own photos, memories, imagination, historical information and personal stories, resulting in colourful, abstracted contemporary paintings. Her pieces are references to our environment as well as our sense of belonging.  Her work abstracts what we see, integrating how we feel when exposed to our environment.  Jodi creates contemporary paintings that celebrate the prairies, filled with bold brushwork and vibrant colours.

Jodi’s work is part of private collections across Canada and around the world. She loves the opportunity to create personal connections with her collectors. Her large scale murals can be found in schools and on the streets of North Battleford.  Jodi Miller’s paintings can be acquired through the artists’s personal studio with 50% of all proceeds being donated to charity.  Together we can make a difference!

Short Bio
Dr. Jodi Miller is an artist with an unlikely science and military background. Jodi grew up on a family farm in rural SK and after 20 years in the military as an aerospace engineer, Jodi now lives her family and paints full time in Saskatoon.
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