Diversity Workshop

Want to increase your knowledge in diversity initiatives? OSAC is hosting a Virtual Diversity Workshop on February 15th. The focus of the training session is to examine the benefits, opportunities, and some of the factors that influence the successful implementation of diversity initiatives. The benefits of diverse groups working towards ...

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Why is Recognizing Sask Lotteries Important?

OSAC is fortunate to receive funding through the Culture section of the Lottery Trust, administered by SaskCulture. I hope this explains a bit about the Lottery Trust system and why recognition is important. A portion of every lottery ticket sold in Saskatchewan goes into the Trust that benefit more than 12,000 sport, culture and recreation organiz...

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What's Happening with OSAC School Tours

Rainbow Dance Theatre from Oregon presented iLumiDance to 26 school shows throughout Saskatchewan from October 17-November 4, 2022 in 23 communities to approximately 6,913 students and teachers. Lead teachers contributed approximately 31 hours in preparing for these performances. "Performance was exceptional. It was a treat for all ages. Many comme...

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Spark: All About Mentorship

Who is a mentor? A mentor is an experienced and knowledgeable person who works alongside an emerging person in the same field to help them in their professional development and to succeed in their goals. In the SPARK program, the mentor would be the Arts Council's Performing Arts Coordinator or other qualified Arts Council member and the share...

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Red Chair Project: Station Arts Centre

The Station Arts Centre in Rosthern, SK developed the Red Chair Project as a way to stay connected to their community during the summer of 2021 and the height of the pandemic. Ten artists and thirty sitters applied to participate in the project and all were accepted. The artists included Indigenous, Métis, and non-Indigenous artists of all ages and...

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Spark: Finding a Spark Coordinator

Spark is OSAC's Youth Mentorship Program and September is a good time to recruit a Spark Coordinator (under age 29) if you don't have someone lined up yet.  It is ideal that Spark Coordinators attend Showcase and participate in the selection of the artist they will be presenting in the following season. In addition to viewing the live per...

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Spark: OSAC’s Youth Mentorship Program What is It and How Does it Work?

Spark is a program designed by OSAC to help Arts Councils mentor and develop the next generation of performing arts presenters in their communities. It was created in response to two issues consistently voiced by Arts Councils: youth engagement and succession planning. It aims to engage teens and young adults under age 29 as audiences, participants...

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Tips for a Successful Showcase- Visual Arts Delegates

If this is your first time at Showcase, or you are a seasoned expert, there are a few tips to get you prepared to make the most out of the weekend for you and your community! Tip one: come prepared! Bring your upcoming schedule so that you know what dates you need to fill in your programming. A paper print out can be handy for making notes when vie...

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Preparing for the Season Performances

It takes time to prepare a successful performance.  The more a committee can delegate specific tasks to specific individuals the less stressful it is for all involved. This is not always possible though, so the committee should be cognizant of the volunteer capital they have and program their season accordingly. 1. Prepare a projected budget, ...

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Planning the Season & Selling a Series

OSAC Arts Councils for many years have been successful in selling a season series subscription in their communities. For example, they may offer 3 performances for $60 as opposed to single event tickets for $25 per performance. Many have been successful announcing and having season tickets available for their patrons at the last performance of the ...

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Block Booking: The Cornerstone of the OSAC Model

Block booking is the key component of the OSAC model. Most performers will consider lowering their per/performance fees if a number of performances can be grouped into a tour of consecutive dates. It is to the arts councils' advantage to consider this and to see which performers other arts councils may be booking when choosing their programming. Ho...

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Performing Arts Selection Process and Booking Deadlines

The selection process starts eleven months in advance of any particular season. Showcases are presented at Showcase in October every year to begin touring as early as September of the following year. Price Lists and OSAC Performing Arts Online Directory Price Lists of performers interested in touring Saskatchewan are distributed by mail to Arts cou...

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Performing Arts Program Eligibility Criteria

Here are some of the key elements that make the OSAC model work for all members. This is taken from the OSAC Performing Arts HandbookSAMEFEE Artscouncils will pay the same fee to a showcasing performer,when negotiated by OSAC, regardless of geographical location or population. Theonly exception will be if there is some special consideration, e...

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What is the aim of OSAC's Visual Arts Program?

The aim of the Organization of Saskatchewan Arts Councils visual arts program is to assist arts councils in presenting visual arts exhibitions that are diverse, moving, thought-provoking, contemporary, educational, and historically relevant by Saskatchewan and Canadian artists, and to develop awareness and appreciation for the visual arts in t...

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To "Advance" a show simply means you will connect with the tour contact person a few weeks prior to the performance to go over the needs of the performer and confirm load in times etc. An advance is critical to both parties knowing exactly what should be expected of each other on the day of the show and a good advance will make for a smooth stress-...

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The aim of the Organization of Saskatchewan Arts Councils' (OSAC's) performing arts program is to assist arts councils to present live, high quality performances from a diverse range of cultures and disciplines to enhance the quality of life in Saskatchewan, and to develop a future audience for the performing arts. 3.1Strategies: 3.1.1 To offer art...

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 It is always a good idea to prepare your stage notes for introducing a performer before the event.  No one wants to forget a sponsor, VIP or where the artist is from while on stage.  We all may feel very confident we have everything prepared in our heads, but the bright lights and your all your patrons looking up at you can allow do...

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