Arts On The Move

Buffalo Spirit

Phyllis Poitras-Jarrett, Buffalo Spirit, Mixed Media-Acrylics, 36”x40”, 2020

Arts On The Move, OSAC’s touring program, provides Saskatchewan communities with visual & media arts exhibitions accompanied by educational materials designed to complement the new Saskatchewan Arts Education Curriculum. These include a questioning strategy, background information on the artists and the works, and post-tour and in-gallery activities that include curriculum links!
OSAC exhibitions tour up to 24 communities for 3 years. Exhibitions are developed and curated from submissions to the annual call for proposals, adjudications held throughout the province, public and corporate collections, and partnering institutions.

Arts on the Move…Online is an online group of solo exhibitions, artist talks, and online video-based art tutorials. The artists included in the online exhibitions represent a diversity of mediums including painting, photography, drawing, felting/fiber art, and sculpture. The artists featured are Edie Marshall, Mohadese Movahed, Jamie Reynolds, Melanie Monique Rose, and Nic Wilson.

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