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What is the OSAC Performing Arts Directory?
The OSAC Performing Arts Directory is an online directory of artists searchable by our OSAC members. Listings are not available to the public.

Why would I want to be listed in the OSAC Performing Arts Directory?
Each year OSAC presenters book approx. 160 performances and pay out approx. $500,000 in artist fees. Listing in the directory is a great way to market your band or act to these buyers.

What does it cost to be listed in the Performing Arts Directory?
Currently, this is a free service just as our price list has been a free service in the past. We do have a performer slideshow at the top of the main directory page that is currently included as a bonus for anyone buying advertising in the Showcase program.

I want to edit my fees and picture. How do I do that?
Simply log in and edit your listing. You can edit or delete your listing at any time.

How long is my listing active?
Your listing will be active for one year. 7 days before your listing expires you will get an email letting you know of the deadline. At that point, you can login and review your listing, delete your listing, renew your listing or simply let it lapse and your listing will be removed from the directory. Unless you delete your listing, it will remain in the archive and not viewable in the directory until you renew it.

I forgot my username or password.
No problem. You can retrieve and reset your username and password from the same page you use to login.

Do you have video tutorials?
Here are video tutorials on creating a new account and entering a new listing.

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