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OSAC's Ends in order of priority are:

  1. The membership is empowered through OSAC’s leadership.
  1. The membership benefits from the inclusion and representation of the cultural diversity of the province. 
  1. The membership throughout Saskatchewan has access to relevant and varied arts opportunities.
  1. The membership is knowledgeable and actively engaged in:
    1. Organizational Development,
    2. Visual and Media Arts Presentation,
    3. Performing Arts Presentation.
  1. The membership benefits from the success of artists locally, provincially and nationally.

  2. The membership benefits as OSAC is known locally, provincially, and nationally.

Vision Statement:
OSAC's vision is that the arts are an integral part of the lives of the Saskatchewan people.
Mission Statement:
OSAC's mission is to provide leadership and assist the membership in their endeavours to develop, promote and program the visual and/or performing arts.

Strategic Goals:
• Member Development
• Program Development
• Audience Development
• Artist Development
• Leadership

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Jobs & Opportunities in the Arts

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