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Faith B. Logan

Faith B. Logan
Artist Information

I create installations, paper-cuttings, bookworks, stamps, prints, and underwater environments, on my own, and in collaboration with the occasional writer or scientist, but usually my two children.  I use paper, ink, craft knives, and printmaking techniques to explore memory, prehistoria, mythology, coral reefs, defence mechanisms, bioluminescence, and the unknown. I have installed a kelp forest in an empty storefront, created an illuminated portal to a coral reef from tyvek, and shown artwork in galleries and exhibitions in British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Ontario. I desire to bring the mysteries of our oceans to the surface, discover the aliens of our planet, and to fill unexpected spaces with the beauty of the natural world.

As a lifelong dweller in a landlocked province, bodies of water have always unsettled me, the dark water stirring up both fear and fascination.  This desire to portray the aquatic creates dissonance between my subject matter and the place I am from. To reconcile this I have been developing inks and pigments that I distil from my environment. My method of creation is to cut paper: Japanese washi, durable Tyvek, synthetic Yupo, polyester drafting film, artisanal handmade abaca, delicate unryu, silkscreened chiyogami, and card stock. I dye the paper with various inks, draft out the patterns, then meticulously cut my subject out of the paper with a craft knife.

Short Bio
Faith B. Logan is an emerging multidisciplinary artist based in Regina, SK, with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Visual Art from the University of Regina (2010). Her recent body of work includes intricate papercuttings, both large and small scale.
Do you offer workshops?:
What age groups do you offer workshops for?:
High School
What supplies are required for your Workshop?:
Workshop • Botanical Ink: foraged materials (flowers, acorns, etc.), power outlet, vials, bottles Workshop • Papercutting: craft knife, paper, glue, card stock