Membership Benefits

Arts Council (Full Member)

A group of volunteers (incorporated or at least officially recognized by OSAC as the community arts council) whose purpose is to promote the arts in their community in Saskatchewan.

Benefits of Full Membership

1. As an OSAC member, you will become part of a provincial network of individuals and organizations that develop and promote opportunities for Saskatchewan people to engage in the visual and performing arts. Access to book the following: Visual Exhibitions toured through OSAC & Performing artists/groups through OSAC's block booking

2. Funding to assist with visual and performing arts programs as well as attendance at OSAC Conferences:

          - Visual Arts Program Grant (max $1000 or 75% of the project costs, whichever is lower, or $1500 if they partner). 
          - Performing Arts Grant (% of total artist fees booked through OSAC determined annually depending on budget
          - A bursary to attend eligible Conferences and a Showcase Mileage Bursary for each Arts Council attending.

3. Access to consultative services and bursaries for program development and organizational development

4. Networking opportunities at OSAC's annual Showcase which features professional development workshops, performing arts showcases, visual arts exhibitions, and an exhibitor exchange for artists and managers. 

5. Arts Councils receive regular "mailings” as well as a quarterly news update containing important information on OSAC programs, funding, and deadlines. The Annual Membership Fee is $200 + $10 GST + $12 PST = $222

Associate Member

A school centre whose purpose is to promote the performing arts through performances, workshops, and residencies. The Annual Membership Fee is $30 + $1.50 GST + $1.80 PST = $33.30

Benefits of Associate Membership

1. Member of a provincial network of school centres that provide opportunities for students in Saskatchewan to engage in performing arts in a concert setting.

2. Access to book pre-selected Performing artists/groups through OSAC's block booking – School Tours

3. Access to consultative services for program development.

4. Membership rate to attend the annual Showcase Conference.  

5. Opportunities to get together with membership for volunteer development workshops, view performing arts showcases, view visual arts exhibitions available for touring, and network with peers at the annual Showcase Conference and voting cards at the Annual General Meeting. An Associate Member is eligible for one vote at the Annual General Meeting

6. Quarterly news sent by electronic mail that contains pertinent information, reminders, and updates on changes to policies/procedures/programs

Affiliate Member

A performing arts organization operating independently but in cooperation with an Arts Council in Saskatchewan. For historical reasons, the Weyburn Concert Series is an affiliate member. This category is now closed to future members. 

Benefits of Affiliated Members
The benefits are the same as a full member and one voting card is allowed at the Annual General Meeting.

Life Member

An individual (volunteer, artist, supporter, administrator) recognized for having made major contributions to the Arts through their association with OSAC.