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OSAC Diverse Programming Incentive 2020/2021 Season

Application Form
Final Report Form

As per discussions at Showcase 2019, OSAC will receive additional funds for 2020/2021 and 2021/2022 from CAPF (Canadian Arts Presenting Fund) administered by Department of Canadian Heritage.  These funds will specifically be used to help arts councils deliver both Artistically and Culturally diverse performances in these two seasons. 

More broadly, OSAC funders continue to raise the issue of cultural diversity at every funding application.  SaskCulture, our major funder, sees us as a key driver of culture in the province. As one of the larger organizations that receive funding under their portfolio, their expectation of us is that we are cultural leaders. 

OSAC embraces the role we can play in fostering sincere inclusion and relationship-building in Saskatchewan communities.

We are happy to announce the OSAC Diverse Programming Incentive which will grant $300 to each arts council that successfully applies to the program. These funds are meant to offset the booking cost of a performance that is either artistically or culturally diverse.

Program details:

This program enables you, as arts council members, to think about what diversity is in YOUR community.

For the purposes of this grant, OSAC considers artistic diversity to be the inclusion of a wide range of genres in your presenting series. We invite you to consider which genres may be typically under-represented in your programming. Dance, Theatre or Classical music may be examples. Presenting a genre that you have not presented in a few years may also qualify.

Supporting cultural diversity refers to including the work of people of colour (particularly new Canadians and Indigenous artists), the LGBTQ+ community, and people living with disabilities. We encourage you to think about what other groups are under-represented in your presentation series; this is not a comprehensive list, and we intend for this program to give you flexibility to program what will be most meaningful for your community.

We do ask that you have a plan for some outreach for these performances.  The funding should be used to supplement some of this outreach.  Providing some tickets to local schools, or a newcomer’s organization may be opportunities for outreach. Maybe there is a gay-straight alliance group that is interested in getting involved.  Maybe the funds can be used to help cover the costs of a workshop by the artist.  These are just some examples.  We are open to any outreach activities you can think of that are right for your community.


Application and Report Guidelines

 Part 1:  The application and plan:  Due November 29, 2019

Include your arts council and the performance you have selected. 

Question 1: Describe how this performance meets the criteria for Cultural or Artistic Diversity. Criteria are outlined in Program Details.

Question 2: What outreach plans do you have for this performance?

 Part 2:  Report on outcomes – Completed online at:

 The following outcome measures give your Council and OSAC a good understanding of both successes and challenges. Together we can use this information to ensure that moving forward, this content is integrated in sustainable ways that advance the long-term goals of inclusion and relationship-building.


When filling out the outcomes on the performance consider the following. Did the performance attract any new or infrequent attendees? What was their response? If you have had performances since then, have you noticed these individuals return or be otherwise engaged with your Council? How was this performance received by your regular patrons? Do you have any feedback you can share?


When filling out the outcomes on your outreach consider the following.  Did you complete your outreach plan?  Did anything change? If you held workshops or school shows etc., how many people participated? Did you find your outreach activities helped with attendance and/or engagement? Do you have feedback or stories to share? Did any of the outreach participants attend the target performance (recipients of free tickets or workshop attendees etc.)? Have any expressed interest in joining the arts council?