Atim Maskikhiy opens at Wanuskewin Heritage Park on Saturday, January 20, and runs until Monday, March 25, 2024. 

Curated by Dr. Jordan Woodsworth as part of the Healthy Dogs, Healthy Communities project, this show brings together 17 artists from the Lar Ronge area,
highlighting their interpretations and perspectives on the dog-human relationship in their community.

This exhibition is curated by Dr. Jordan Woodsworth, Director, Northern Engagement and Community Outreach, Western College of Veterinary Medicine. The artists featured in this exhibition are: Andrea Cowan, Caron Dubnick, Donna Langhorne, Hilary Johnstone, John Halkett, Larissa Muirhead, Miriam Koerner, Molly Ratt, Myles Charles, Nancy Lafleur, Terri Franks, Sammi Kopeck, Abigail Clarke, Annalisa Heppner, Jade Roberts, Jasmine Grondin, and Wendy Cleveland.