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Prairie Debut Presents Duo Beija Flor

Thu, Mar 24, 2022 @ 7:30 pm @ Station Arts Centre Cooperative

Community: Station Arts Centre Cooperative

Artist Website: www.prairiedebut.com/2020-21-beija-flor/

With its unique brand of ethno-classical music, Duo Beija-Flor consists of a flute and guitar pairing who presents a varied repertoire of works inspired from traditional and folkloric music found around the world. Flutist Marie-Noëlle Choquette and guitarist Charles Hobson began performing together while in their graduate studies at Concordia University in Montreal. In 2009, they officially formed the Duo Beija -Flor. Since then, they have performed concerts throughout Canada, United States and Argentina. To date, they have released three critically acclaimed albums: Costas (2018), Muzica (2013) and Envol (2011). With its intriguing combination balancing world and classical music, the duo has been invited on to perform on both TV and radio programs (Radio- Canada, CIBL, Global TV, TVCK, Cogeco TV and CBC). In 2010, the duo was named laureates in the competition "Mon Accès à la Scène" and in 2012, was recipient of the grant "Fonds de promotion de la GMMQ" from Québec’s chapter of the American Federation of Musicians.

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