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Chaos, Flow, Meander

Wed, Jan 1, 2020 to Thu, Jan 23, 2020 @ TBA

Community: TBA

Education Packages: ChaosFlowMeanderEdGuide.pdf
Hilary Johnstone, Sunrise, Lac La Ronge, fabric, thread, batting, 36i n x 32 in, 2015

Featuring the works of Hilary Johnstone, Greg Allen, and Vanessa Hyggen. This exhibition is curated by Zoë Schneider, Visual & Media Arts Coordinator, and organized and toured through the Organization of Saskatchewan Arts Councils (OSAC).

This exhibition explores varying degrees of pattern complexity in the works of three artists. Hilary Johnstone creates stunning visual depictions of landscapes found in the Precambrian shield and lake country of northern Saskatchewan with textiles; forming large, richly decorated quilts. Greg Allen sharpens the focus on mycelium and forest undergrowth. Wildly colourful paintings zoom in on the delicate and elaborate patterns found on the forest floor. Vanessa Hyggen, in contrast to Allen, zooms out and treats us to an aerial view of industry in the Saskatchewan landscape. Potash ponds and agriculture fields piece together like a patchwork quilt rendered in paint.

These artists approach nature and landscape by examining and highlighting the rich pattern found therein. Fascinated and compelled by colour and pattern, the artists’ works function in contrast and conversation with each other. A dizzyingly sumptuous exhibition, Chaos, Flow, Meander is sure to enthrall and engage your audience.
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