Program Details

Cate Francis: Paper Wildlife Conservancy

Community: Humboldt and District Gallery
January 1, 2020 to February 23, 2020
Location: Humboldt and District Gallery

Ed Packages:
Education Guide Cate Francis.pdf
Cate Francis, I forget they are Carnivores, Screenprint and Chine colle, 16inx20in, 2016.
Cate Francis has created a parody organization titled the Paper Wildlife Conservancy or PWC. Featuring a series of illustrative prints and collages, the project examines cohabitation with wildlife on the prairies, and is interested in highlighting the role that wildlife plays in defining a sense of place and home.

“Our interactions with urban wildlife can be at once precious, precarious and mundane. All of these interactions come together to form not just the physical landscape but also our psychological sense of place and home. Through this series of prints I hope to highlight the complexities of these relationships and draw attention to the important and unique role urban wildlife plays in shaping the cultural identity of various prairie communities.”- Cate Francis. A multi-faceted exhibition, the gallery visitor is invited to contribute their own experiences and anecdotes to the evolving project. This exhibition is sure to connect with all gallery patrons, creating an opportunity to reflect, engage and connect.

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