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OSAC can produce brochures and colour posters for your arts council.  We ask that your quantities for each be submitted no later than the end of January for the year you are ordering.  The content including the artists, venues and any other required information is due 6 weeks prior to your last performance on the current season or your required by date noted on the form. 

The reason we require your numbers early is we do a preprint with the purple colour that is used as the template for all brochures.  This saves us the second colour charge allowing the brochures to have 2 colours (purple and black) as opposed to just black. The brochure production costs are subsidised by about 20% each year.  Costs are indicated on the quantities form below.

Here are the forms for the 2019/2020 season:
2019/2020 Brochure and Poster Quantities  Due January 31, 2019
2019/2020 Brochure and Poster Information  Due 6 weeks before your final performance in 2018/2019 or your required by date.


Brochure Page 1  Brochure Backside Poster
 Macklin 2018 Page 1  Macklin 2018 Page 2  Macklin Poster 2018
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