OSAC is pleased to announce the artists selected to perform at our Showcase 2019 event in Saskatoon October 18 - 19 at the Broadway Theatre!

Friday Evening 

  Saturday Afternoon

  Saturday Evening

Joe Trio Prairie Debut presents Duo Beija-Flor MOTUS O-Prisoner of Tehran
Flint & Feather West My Friend Royal Wood
Over the Moon Twin Kennedy Twin Flames
Amy Bishop Sarah Hagen The Bromantics
Martin Kerr   Blue Moon Marquee

AmyBishopAmy Bishop (AB) 
Amy Bishop’s voice is a combination of smooth pavement and rough gravel, with the ability to charm listeners with her sweet tones; yet stun audiences with the ability to hit any high note. Amy appeared on the inaugural season of CTV’s “The Launch” where she dazzled all of Canada with her amazing performances. Hailing from Calgary, Amy began her music career around campfires, at block parties, and in church choir. Knowing a career in music is no guarantee, Amy decided to practice other trades, but her passion for music prevailed, leading her to collaborations with Moby and opening for April Wine, Farmer’s Daughter, and Chris Cummings. Amy has an instinctive ability to craft stories into song and deliver them with sincerity and beauty.
Blue Moon Marquee (BC) BlueMoonMarquee
Blue Moon Marquee currently makes their home in an island shack on the coast of the Salish Sea in British Columbia. A.W. Cardinal and Jasmine Colette (a.k.a. “Badlands Jass”) write and perform original compositions influenced by anything that swings, jumps or grooves. Influenced by early blues, swing, jazz and ragtime, artists such as Lonnie Johnson, Louis Armstrong, Blind Willie Jonson, Charley Patton, Howlin' Wolf, Screaming Jay Hawkins, Tom Waits, Memphis Minnie, and Django Reinhardt are deeply infused in the soul of their music. Blue Moon Marquee's passionate performances and smouldering onstage chemistry is their trademark, and the way Colette's tones lift A.W.'s mystique is something that enthralls audiences from back-room bars to festival stages, to velvet-seated theaters. Jasmine Colette, the rhythm section, not only commands the upright bass but also brings the swing with her feet on the kick drum, snare and high hat, all while singing harmonies. A.W. Cardinal is of the screaming and hollering blues tradition, with distinctive thick and smoky vocals that barrel out like a raging bull. His guitar crackles with the swinging energy of jazz-tinged blues. They received a 2016 Maple Blues Award nomination for New Artist of the Year and in 2018 were nominated for Indigenous Artist of the Year at the West Coast Music Awards. Known for their authenticity, this versatile act presents as duo, trio or 4-piece.
Flint & Feather (AB) FlintFeather
Flint & Feather (Joal and Lauren Kamps) are a free-spirited husband and wife duo that are passionate about connecting with people through folk/roots music, storytelling, and laughter. Their original ‘Rocky Mountain Folk-Pop’ songs draw inspiration from Canadian history, rocky mountain folklore, and their own personal journeys – and the Kamps’ honest and engaging approach to performance connects with listeners of all ages and backgrounds. Music themes often explore the relationship(s) between passion and purpose; faith and art; and human nature and the desire for ‘connection’.We Belong Together. Joal and Lauren believe music is a powerful community-building tool that can be used to break down barriers of class, creed, and color, and through public performance we can help participate in building community; engaging people from all backgrounds in experiencing a connection through music – thus helping people truly ‘connect’ in our increasingly disconnected society.
Joe Trio (BC) JoeTrio
Joe Trio — Cameron Wilson, violinist and composer; Charles Inkman, cellist and member of the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra; and Allen Stiles, pianist — is not your average piano trio. They don't want to be neatly categorized, but instead strive for diversity, versatility, and more than a little humour and unpredictability. Their repertoire consists of the classics – from Papa Haydn to Uncle Shostakovich, new works by contemporary composers, and their own arrangements of popular, jazz and rock tunes. And they're not afraid to mix together so many styles of music into a single piece it makes your head spin. More than virtuosi, the Trio's members are fantastic performers who engage the audience in a way few classical musicians can. Amply witty, charming, and tremendously musical, Joe Trio leaves audiences with a new appreciation for classical music.
Martin Kerr (AB) MartinKerr
Martin Kerr is a story telling singer songwriter who encapsulates his audience by sharing the story behind the music. Some stories are funny, and some are sad, with a show designed to take people on an emotional rollercoaster that will certainly leave their hearts feeling warm. It is through this connection with an audience that Martin has continued to grow his audience and sell out the 1700 seat Winspear Centre in Edmonton year in year out.
MOTUS O dance theatre - Prisoner of Tehran (ON) MOtusO
Prisoner of Tehran, based on the book of the same name, is a unique collaboration between Iranian born writer/speaker Marina Nemat and MOTUS O. This unique performance piece is a synthesis of theatre, video and storytelling that swims in a landscape of movement brushing the themes of oppression, persecution, survival and most of all HOPE. After the Islamic Revolution of 1979, Marina was arrested at the age of sixteen and spent more than two years in Evin, a political prison in Tehran, where she was tortured and came very close to execution. She came to Canada in 1991 and has called it home ever since. Marina's book Prisoner of Tehran has been published in 28 other countries and is an international bestseller. After each show a Question and Answer period will take place. Prisoner of Tehran has toured much of Canada including performances to over 10,000 high school students.
Over The Moon (AB) overthemoon
Longview Alberta's root/swing duo "Over The Moon" are totally immersed in real cowboy country.  When you set up home in the foothills of Alberta's Rocky Mountains, it's inevitable there will be a strong sense of place - and the rhythms of the land when you start to make music. The couple's debut album "Moondancer", was mostly written and recorded on the ranch where they live, and the resonances are there for all to hear, reflecting the pulse of life living in a territory that is rugged and beautiful.  It's a wild ride from 40's western swing to and Appalachian old-time, to cowboy blues, all featuring their meant-to-be vocals and a wide array of acoustic instruments. Suzanne Levesque and Craig Bignell treat their audiences like a living room full of close friends coming over for a night of music and fun stories. They love digging up old songs and watching the reactions they get when those old gems trigger long forgotten memories. Chatting with people after shows is the highlight for them as well, and at most shows  they end up leaving town with a big load of new friends!!! They're very down to earth, rural people, and their music is Uncluttered, Simple, and Sweet!
Prairie Debut presents Duo Beija-Flor (QC) duobeijaflor
With its unique brand of ethno-classical music, Duo Beija – Flor consists of a flute and guitar pairing who presents a varied repertoire of works inspired from traditional and folkloric music found around the world. Flutist Marie-Noëlle Choquette and guitarist Charles Hobson began performing together while in their graduate studies at Concordia University in Montreal. In 2009, they officially formed the Duo Beija – Flor. Since then, they have performed concerts throughout Canada, United States and Argentina. To date, they have released three critically acclaimed albums: Costas (2018), Muzica (2013) and Envol (2011). With its intriguing combination balancing world and classical music, the duo has been invited on to perform on both TV and radio programs (Radio-Canada, CIBL, Global TV, TVCK, Cogeco TV and CBC). In 2010, the duo was named laureates in the competition "Mon Accès à la Scène" and in 2012, was recipient of the grant "Fonds de promotion de la GMMQ" from Québec's chapter of the American Federation of Musicians.
Royal Wood (ON) RoyalWood
Singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer Royal Wood has established himself as a true musical talent. Since being proclaimed "Songwriter of the Year" by iTunes, Wood has continued to evolve and hone his musical craft - maintaining an unmistakable identity while uncovering and reinventing his sound. The JUNO-Award-nominated artist is inspired by both loss and love; the songs on his latest record are an ode to the classic styles of Tin Pan Alley and Laurel Canyon. Royal recently completed wildly successful and sold out tours with legendary artists Bonnie Raitt and David Gray. Royal spent much of 2018 and the beginning of 2019 touring in support of his April 2018 release, "Ever After The Farewell" and October 2018 release "Love Will Linger".
Sarah Hagen (PE) sarahperkup
Often referred to as the next Victor Borge, Sarah has transformed her award-winning role as “concert pianist” into a stand-up, or rather, sit-down comedy. Pairing anecdotes with music, “Perk up, pianist!” takes audiences deep inside the world of a classical musician as she shares her earnest efforts to keep her spirits up in the midst of troublesome times. Described as “one of the best hours I’ve ever spent at the Fringe” [The Coast (Halifax)], “Perk up, pianist!” tells the tale of a touring classical musician remaining optimistic in the midst of challenging and ridiculous situations. Of the show’s debut at the Toronto Fringe Festival, Montreal Rampage wrote, “Hagen reminds us the beauty of how an honest solo performance can make you so easily fall in love with its performer.”

Directed by Rick Roberts
Created, written and performed by Sarah Hagen, with original compositions
The Bromantics(SK) Bromantics
Formed in the summer of 2013, The Bromantics are a Saskatchewan six piece that perform a sensational tribute to the 50s. They also perform original music following similar chord progressions, while working within the parameters of the genre. In making use of warm brass instruments in combination with vintage guitar tones, and accompanying them alongside doo-wop style harmonies, The Bromantics are reviving the era with a youthful energy. They have recorded live sessions through Blue Door Studios, and in collaboration with Nyshe Media have released several videos that encompass exactly how they look and sound live. They are now in the process of recording a debut EP to be hopefully released in 2019. The Bromantics have been performing consistently since they formed and are only gaining more notice. The contagious genre of music, combined with their high energy stage performances has proved successful in creating a nostalgic atmosphere that also promises to have everybody twisting the night away!
Twin Flames (ON) TwinFlames
Building bridges across cultures, continents, and styles, Twin Flames bring together a richness of personal history and musical experience. Blending together Indigenous and western instruments, as well as their own unique sonic creations, this Multi-Award Winning duo effortlessly floats between Inuktitut, French, and English leaving audiences fascinated and inspired.
Twin Flames create a sonic landscape that spans Canada’s vast country, they transcend cultural boundaries and inspire unity while honoring their ancestor’s history and Indigenous Backgrounds. Twin Flames push the boundaries of “Contemporary Folk”. Consecutive year winners of The Canadian Folk Music Award; Aboriginal Songwriters of the year their songs tell stories of courage and survival. Prepare to dive into the hearts and minds of the beloved couple, we guarantee a journey like no other.
Twin Kennedy (BC) TwinKennedy
3-time Canadian Country Music Award nominee and John Lennon Songwriting Contest Grand Prize winner, TWIN KENNEDY is made up of Canadian twins, Carli and Julie Kennedy. Twin Kennedy’s family-friendly show has been a hit across North America, featuring Carli on vocals, guitar and banjo, and Julie on vocals, fiddle, bass guitar and harmonica. Now based in Nashville, TN, the duo is known for their sibling harmonies, heartfelt songwriting and high energy show that blends their classical training with their country roots. Twin Kennedy has played over 60 theatre series and festivals since 2018, receiving standing ovations everywhere they go. Featuring a mix of original country/folk songs, popular covers and classically-inspired instrumentals, their show has been described as “Nothing Short of Awesome” (Cashbox Magazine).
West My Friend (BC) WestMyFriend
In the modern musical landscape, it’s rare to hear something as put-together as three-piece Cascadian folk outfit West My Friend - something so layered, deeply symphonic, baroque, and mysterious in its own winking way while still courting an edge of disaster. Simple is safe, but complex is fiery, intricate, and ultimately more rewarding. Steeped in the visual styles of western Canada, West My Friend are veterans of the Victoria music scene. After 10 years as a band, they’re gearing up to release their fourth album, In Constellation, in September. On this, their latest effort, the band continues to refine the art of creating achingly poignant folk music, only this time, they’re backed by a full symphony orchestra, heavily layered while remaining lighthearted. Intricate yet accessible. Melancholic yet optimistic. Mingling grassroots guitar, mandolin, accordion, orchestral instruments, and interweaving harmonies, In Constellation (produced by Joby Baker, co-produced and arranged by Adrian Dolan) features longtime members Eden Oliver, Alex Rempel, and Jeff Poynter conceiving a new box, then thinking outside of it. Punctuated by musings on anxiety and belonging, song structures vary and dynamics change from moment to moment, painting powerful lyrical portraits over backgrounds of violins and trumpets that swell, collapse, and tumble between bold harmonies. With over 650 performances and several tours under their collective belt, West My Friend is bringing forth a new sound you’ve never known you’ve wanted and new meaning to the things you’ve never known you needed.


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