SH0WCASE 2017 Schedule of Events 

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FRIDAY, October 13

10am-5pm              Showcase Registration Open (Elm Room)

1pm-4pm                Plenary - Lyndon J Linklater, Office of the Treaty Commissioner,
                               "We Are All Treaty People" (Oak Room)

4:15pm-5pm           Welcome Reception & "First-Timer" Orientation

                                (Mulligan's Lounge)

5:30pm-6:45pm      Dinner (Canadian Ballroom) Buses depart at 7pm 

7:30pm-9:45pm      Showcase 1 (Regina Performing Arts Centre)

                               Buses return to the Ramada Plaza following Showcase 1

10pm-11:30pm       Visual Arts Exhibitions (Birch & Cedar Rooms)

11pm-11:30pm       Exhibitor Exchange (2nd Floor Mezzanine)

11:30pm-12pm       Hospitality Hour (Mulligan's Lounge) 

SATURDAY, October 14r1

8am-9:15am          Breakfast & OSAC AGM (Canadian Ballroom)

8am-9:30am          Showcase Registration Open (Elm Room)

9:30am-10:30am   Concurrent Workshop:
                              Inspire & Curatorial Program, OSAC (Poplar Room), 
                              Working with Community, Common Weal Community Arts                                     (Maple Room)
                              Stories From the Spark Program, OSAC (Pine Room) 

10:40am-12pm      Plenary- Rhonda Rosenberg,
                             "How to Engage Newcomers In Your
                              Organization & Communities"
                              Multicultural Council of Saskatchewan (Oak Room)

12pm-1:15pm       Luncheon & Volunteer Recognition (Canadian Ballroom)
                             Buses depart at 1:30pm

2pm-3:35pm         Showcase 2 (Regina Performing Arts Centre)
                             Buses return to the Ramada Plaza following Showcase 2

3:45pm-4:45pm    Visual Arts Exhibitions (Birch & Cedar Rooms)

3:45pm-4:45pm    Exhibitor Exchange (2nd Floor Mezzanine)

5pm-5:30pm         Cocktails (Canadian Ballroom)

5:30pm-7:15pm     Banquet & Life Member Recognition (Canadian Ballroom)
                              Buses depart at 7:30pm

8pm-10pm             Showcase 3 (Regina Performing Arts Centre)
                              Buses return to the Ramada Plaza following Showcase 3

10pm-11:30pm      Visual Arts Exhibitions (Birch & Cedar Rooms)

10pm-11:30pm      Exhibitor Exchange (2nd Floor Mezzanine)

11:30pm-1:30am   Hospitality & Karaoke (Oak Room)

SUNDAY, October 15

8am-9:15am          Breakfast (Canadian Ballroom)
9:15am-11:15am   Performing Arts & School Tours Exchange (Canadian Room)

9:15am-11:15am   Visual Arts Exchange (Maple Room)

All Events Excluding Showcases will be held at the Ramada Plaza

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