Fall 2017
Canadiana Musical Theatre: The Birth of the CPR (BC)
Shaun Boothe (ON)
Paul Silveria: Square Dance Paul (BC)

Spring 2017
Red Sky Performance: Mistatim (ON)
Luv2Groove Dance Residency (ON)

Fall 2016
Andy the Musical Scientist (BC)
Heath/Tarlin Entertainment - "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" (ON)
Green Thumb Theatre - "Still Falling" (BC)

Spring 2016 
Green Thumb Theatre - "Celestial Being" (BC)
Chrysalis Theatre - "The Shape of a Girl" (SK)
Horizon String Quartet (SK)

Fall 2015
Teddy Anderson (BC)
Boris Sichon (BC)
Faustwork Mask Theatre (ON)

Spring 2015
Norman Foote (BC)
Teddy Anderson (AB)

Fall 2014
Jacky's Village (BC)
Speed Control (Yukon)
Trent Arterberry (BC)



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